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My Mom’s Biggest Problem (To Fight Sugar Damage!)

When I was born, my mom was expecting a girl. She planned to name me Ashley.

But on that fateful day, I foiled her plans. She embraced her new son as “Shane.”

“Shane is a male version of Ashley, so it was an easy pick,” she later explained to me…on every single birthday for 42 years.

As soon as I could walk, she got me into all her favorite activities. As a kid, I was rocking gymnastics, singing, dancing, acting, and whatever else theater had to offer.

At 14 years old, my what-the-fuck moment hit.

“Why am I acting and singing?” I demanded. “I quit.”

“But Shane, you always get the lead role and your solos are so cute.”

“Oh my gawd, mom. Stop it. I’m done with this shit.” (I was cussing as a fetus. When I was born, doctors said this boy needs baby Jesus…)

“Maybe you should try wrestling?” she exclaimed.

“I hate singlets, never.” (Singlets are those one-piece tight outfits that wrestlers wear.)

She pleaded harder, “You’re really strong. Plus, you’re not doing anything else at high school, you hardly even go to class…please try wrestling?”

Two weeks late into the season, I walked onto a state champion wrestling team as a skinny wrestler with a  bad attitude.

After the first practice, I was hooked. After the second one, the coach hated me…I yelled from the back of the room, “We just did 100 pushups, why the fuck are we going to do 50 more?”…only to be given 50 burpees instead.

I questioned everything. Mom always loved this about me. (I was already too much of a rebel and a nuisance for my dad to give a shit…he had moved out two years prior.)

For my first match, the coach arranged it so that I’d (his least favorite athlete) wrestle the former state champ in front of a huge home crowd…and my mom. It was a short and humiliating match…I didn’t have a chance.

And that’s how every match went the entire season…all 29 of them. Still, I always laced up for the next fight.

That’s because my mom was always quick to say, “Wow, you did great, Shane.”

Those tiny seeds of positive support made a huge impact. Regardless of suffering through a losing record, I felt a confidence that lasted all season. This support eventually grew into a wrestling scholarship to college.

Despite having low school attendance and a criminal record by 16 years old, I still got a great shot at college and wrestling (and hell, at life). It paid off too, because I was awarded a Howard Hughes Research Grant for my work in biology and biochemistry. I also received an academic scholarship to graduate school to study medicinal chemistry, where I was awarded graduate student of the year…

Given my circumstances, I could have easily wound up behind bars…with no hopes for a real future.

A small amount of encouragement can go a long way.

Thanks, mom.

Yesterday was her birthday. I called and asked what she wanted. “I’d love $50 or $100 bucks to put toward my RV fund,” she exclaimed. “We want to rent one and drive to Montana this summer.”


She’s forgotten how to dream big. Today, that’s her biggest problem — her wants and desires are too small.

At 67 years old, things seem more impossible now than ever. I’ve made it my job to help her conquer her self-limiting behavior so she can embrace the beauty and pleasure of dreaming (and living) big.

I asked her when she wanted to leave for her trip. May 1. I told her, “I’ll call you back in 10 minutes.”

I dialed up the nearest RV rental, hashed out all the details, and reserved the dates.

“You’re all set, mom! Happy birthday.”

Life is full of loss, pain, recovery, distortions, challenges, transformations and letting go. For most people, this has buried their ability to believe in success…

This is most apparent when it comes to being healthy. Just look at how many individuals deal with unnecessary health problems. The majority of people my parents’ age are victims of high blood sugar, insulin resistance, pre-diabetes, Type II diabetes and obesity. Overcoming these conditions seems impossible.

People have been losing their health for so long, they can’t even imagine winning.

They’ve been trained and hypnotized to think prescription drugs are their only salvation. Like clockwork, they hit up the pharmacy every week for a new round of pills in orange bottles. It’s a sad ritual showing they’ve forgotten how to dream big. Stockholm syndrome is in full effect.

This is a surefire way to let your life slip away from you — incomplete and void of joy.

Although high blood sugar is an epidemic, it’s not permanent or invincible. Just like my mom’s simple RV problem, high blood sugar can be conquered in no time.

My all-natural, true cinnamon and milk thistle combo – Cinnergy – has been beating high blood sugar for over a decade! Known for its ability to make blood sugar drop, it’s the go-to supplement for those who want to live young.

It works by forcing the muscle cells to respond to insulin. When it attaches to the squishy membranes of actin and myosin (muscle cells), insulin tells the cells to use sugar as energy – in the form of ATP production. You will see results in 1-2 weeks! Your glucose will drop, triglycerides will plummet and your focus and energy will go sky high…

You can get Cinnergy for 15% off when you buy a 3-pack! This is a massive savings and an easy, ULTRA inexpensive way to get true cinnamon and milk thistle working for your health and longevity.

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High blood sugar affects everything from exercise performance, hearing and vision, libido to sexual function, mental health, and sleep. It’s the leading cause of fatigue, ADHD, blindness, amputations and kidney failure.

Plus…it’s a dream killer. Nobody can live a fulfilling life when they’re riddled with the effects of high blood sugar.

Cinnergy puts an end to all of that.

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Dare to live young,

The People’s Chemist

P.S. In a way, Cinnergy helps you dream big again…because it erases so many health problems that bog a person’s life down, while causing them to age prematurely. And with those problems no longer worrying you – what will you do with all that extra attention?

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