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Low-Cholesterol Cordain Strikes Again, Wins Stink Award

In a recent article for Early to Rise, popular science writer Loren Cordain, Ph.D (false Paleolithic Diet promoter) once again asserts that, “In the 1950s, when scientists were first unraveling the link between heart disease and diet, they found that saturated fat raised blood cholesterol levels and increased the risk for coronary heart disease. Dietary sources of saturated fat, such as fatty domestic meat, were deemed unhealthful, and rightly so.”

Oh great, Cordain Strikes Again…More stink about cholesterol being a poison and confusion about fats…

Once you get past Cordain’s mumbo-jumbo concerning mono-unsaturated and poly-unsaturated fats you can see that he is yet another promoter of the diet-heart hypothesis. This hypothesis dictates that saturated fat and cholesterol are the culprit in today’s heart disease pandemic. WOW! Nobody has ever heard that one before…I’m sure thousands of readers are smiling knowing that they have these pearls of wisdom to share at the dinner table tonight.

It is well established that cholesterol is not the cause of heart disease, LDL, HDL or otherwise. To miss this in the medical literature you’d have to go pretty far back in time – maybe even all the way back to the paleolithic era. At least a hundred years of scientific research has shown that saturated fat and cholesterol are not the cause of heart disease. Unfortunately, Cordain has not returned from that age-old era and continues to hold tight to a hypothesis that does not stand up to the rigors of scientific method – over half of the people who die from heart attack have “low cholesterol.” And research shows that cholesterol is protective rather than detrimental! Further, there is no relationship between cholesterol levels and degree of atherosclerosis….

The real problem rests in INSULIN PROMOTING TRANS FATS and SUGAR. They are among the biggest (not the only) causes of heart disease and premature heart attacks today. It was sad to see little mention of this life-saving fact in Cordain’s ETR article.

Seriously, with 150lbs of sugar being ravenously consumed annually along with gobs of trans fat, do people really think that naturally-occurring saturated fats (as Cordain asserts) are moving us faster to our expiration date? Surely not – unless you are a professor looking for grant money and publicity to support your research and book sales…Yet another lesson he hasn’t learned: truth sells better than hype in the long run.

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