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How To Cheat Your Way Into College…

College used to be “awarded” to people based on merit. It was an achievement for those who applied themselves in high school and proved their academic chops through dedication, focus, and determination.

Today the value of a college education has been watered down by predatory loans and college admissions scandals.

Thanks to the US government, anyone can borrow absurd amounts of money for an education in “decision sciences,” “cannabis cultivation” or even “The Beatles.”

The end result is a worthless work force saddled with crushing debt.

This problem trickles down to all of us because it yields a shortage of capable individuals at best, freeloaders at worst.

If it’s not student loans weighing our society down…rich parents have their own scam for getting their kids into college: bribing and cheating their children’s way into elite universities.

The system is rigged.

You’re screwed…unless you teach your kids the real secret to success:

Learn how to achieve things that money can’t buy.

For my family that’s learning how to speed read, master Olympic lifts, get a black belt in jiujitsu, write a kids book, win a state wrestling title, make luxury soap, or simply be supportive to a friend when everything else is crumbling down.

Kids learn these skills first by reading, doing their homework, getting tutors, asking questions, and then putting thousands of hours of work in.  In time, it makes them personally responsible for the actions and outcomes.

As they grow up, the achievements lead to character and strength building that will develop into a ruthless work ethic that will become the envy and disdain of all the “cheaters” around you. And as your haters grow in numbers, you’ll know you’re doing sh#t right, debt-free, scam-free, BS-free.

Few will take this route. It’s too fucking hard.  You have to be ready to watch your kids fail, in slow motion. To help me at this, I pretend that the word “kid” means to “fail often.” …and that being a parent means being there to pick them up.

When my 5 year old rides his bike too fast, I wait for the crash…

When the school calls about my high school daughter being absent too many times, I push for detention, suspension, or I simply say, “Flunk her.” I don’t sit there and give an excuse on her behalf…or try to work out a “creative” way around her bad behavior.

Kids learn best through life’s consequences, not through parents coddling them.

Letting kids fail is “loving them to the moon and back.”  Shielding them is hurting them.

I started this philosophy early but fail often, and start over.

When Lily was 12 I began taking things away as a consequence to poor behavior. Eventually that led to losing her allowance, phone, and the family car once she could drive.

That spurred her into action.

Since she was 13 years old she hasn’t asked for a penny. She charged forward with her business.  She bought her own phone, her own car, her own insurance, and paid for all of her own college applications.

When she wanted me to edit her college essays, I insisted that she do it herself.

She was furious and sure that I was the worst father, ever.

I let it simmer over…and it equated to a scholarship to Whittier and winning state champion for DECA, an organization that helps emerging entrepreneurs develop their business skills (Pictured above).

The underlying cause for today’s predatory loans and college cheating scandal is anyone’s guess. But I suspect it has a lot to do with parents trying to do everything for their kids – even if it means borrowing absurd amounts of money or cheating.  It’s helicopter parents raising man-children.

Colleges are to blame, too.

The entire industry is built upon an exploitive and unfair university-tuition system that uses extravagant athletic complexes, hotel-like dormitories, and over-the-top embellishments to pull on the mental heartstrings of 17-year-olds worldwide, forcing them to sign on the dotted debt line or cheat their way into school.

Loans for $50k, $60k, $70k or higher are being doled out like candy to kids who don’t even have a job…enslaving them before they’ve even started their first college class.

..and nobody is saying sh#t….

It’s not sustainable.

A diploma is only as valuable as the person holding it. And it doesn’t matter if it comes from a community college or Ivy League school. That’s because the world always pays valuable people.

So if you don’t let your kids fail miserably, then they end up failing us all as adults.

Just like parents and kids cheating to get into college, people are trying to cheat their obesity and diabetes with meds, meds, and more meds!

There’s not a single prescription medication that cures obesity or Type II diabetes! Yet billions of dollars worth of meds are prescribed and thrown at these two killers.

There’s a better way:

Learn how to achieve things that your health insurance can’t buy.

This starts with knowing how your body works, and how your hormones collaborate. They either force you to store fat…or burn fat and yield a lean, disease-free physique.

It starts with understanding how your food, exercise, and lifestyle habits CAUSE your health results.

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This simple program shows you how to master your hormones and reverse the indiscriminate damage caused by obesity and diabetes!

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