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Stevia: Good Shit Bad Shit

Stevia extract is one of the most popular natural alternatives to cancer-causing sugar. It’s 100% safe. I like it way better than xylitol and erythritol, which are now coming from the labs of Big Pharma. (Forward thinking companies like Zevia have phased them out.)

But the stevia plant is legit, if you can find the right product…

In addition to its clean, sweet taste, animal and human studies show that stevia extract can help lower systolic and diastolic blood pressure. It has also been shown to prevent and even reverse insulin resistance by helping to clear glucose from the bloodstream.

But the problem with most stevia is that manufacturers are adding excess shit. In the case above, you can see they tossed in silica.

Silica is a flow agent — i.e., an additive known as an anti-caking agent. It’s the same shit you see in those packets that say “DO NOT EAT!”

Why would a company add this ingredient to a natural sweetener?! Great question.

One word: money.

In order for supplement makers to sell their products in stores (where they’ll sit on shelves for months at a time), they have to follow stores’ policies.

Usually, these policies are asinine. They’re not based on health or consumer safety, but on covering the store’s ass (CYA). The stores often require added shit as an insurance policy against mold, clumping…and whatever else.

That’s why most “vitamins” have so much junk added to them.

Rather than challenging these bullshit policies, most supplement makers succumb to them…cause they need the money.

You can find stevia without silica…as pictured above. You just have to spend some extra time reading labels. Also, make sure the brand you choose does not have maltodextrin in it, which can raise blood sugar (I prefer NuStevia No Carbs Blend from

Dare to live young,

The People’s Chemist

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