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Fast Food Made Healthy: Meet the Sushi Tower!

Preparing healthy meals can take forever! Most people don’t have the time, energy, culinary skills, or patience to put together a nourishing meal.

Pressed for time, they skip meal prep altogether…and opt instead for fast food, junk food, or slop served out of a window.

…But all of that can change with the Sushi Tower!

Sushi Tower is a great new product by Kelly Harvey, a close friend who has a passion for helping people live young. (I’ve convinced him to give my readers a huge discount!  He has edited the price on Amazon from $49.99 to $19.99 for a limited time! Enjoy.)

With the Sushi Tower, you can create your own beautiful, great-tasting, healthy sushi in minutes. It’s easy to use and so simple, even a 10-year-old can spawn a masterpiece.

Plus, you’re not limited to making sushi — you can use Sushi Tower to make any tower of food you’d like, including spaghetti & meatballs, jambalaya, salmon teriyaki, crab cakes, tuna towers, salad towers, amazing healthy desserts…and more.

I interviewed Kelly about how the Sushi Tower came to be, and what it can help you achieve in the kitchen. For most users, the best part is enjoying spending time with family, creating unique recipes, snapping pics, and devouring the healthy creations!

As a bonus, Kelly also shares a killer, no-sugar, fruit-based Dessert Tower recipe! It’s healthy and delicious! Read the full interview below and be sure to get your Sushi Tower at Amazon for $19.99 (Regular $49.99, currently on sale for TPC fans! You can use the money you save to buy a copy of Over-The-Counter Natural Cures Expanded!)

TPC #1: Making homemade sushi sounds complicated. How does your product make it easy?

Kelly Harvey (KH): The Sushi Tower Kit lets you make sushi in 3 easy steps: insert ingredient, tamp, repeat. (“Tamp” means to push down.) It’s really that simple.

The Kit provides all the tools necessary to create what I call “Elevated Sushi” in your own home. The word “elevated” plays off the fact that the sushi is stacked in a vertical direction. We are elevating sushi to a higher dimension, if that make sense.

It’s your Tower, so you can discover your inner Sushi Artist and make it your way.

The Kit includes a 3-piece Party Tower (for group sushi), a Personal Tower (for individual servings), and a recipe book that provides suggested ingredients, garnishments, and layering instructions. The recipes are set up so that it’s easy to substitute ingredients, modify amounts, and switch up layers.

TPC #2: Where did you get the idea to create the Sushi Tower?

KH: My family spent many years living and working in Japan and we love sushi. However, sushi can be expensive if you indulge too often. It can also be very intimidating if you try to save money and do it yourself at home.

While in Japan, my family would occasionally visit Japanese friends and enjoy do-it-yourself sushi in their home. After returning to the U.S., it seemed like our homemade sushi attempts never quite turned out like we wanted them to. I remember seeing something similar to a Sushi Tower many years ago and thought, “This would be a great way to bring homemade sushi to other families like mine.”

We teamed up with some of our smart friends who also love sushi, set up the business infrastructure needed to launch the project, developed the tools required to create beautiful Sushi Towers — and then began creating exciting recipes for others to try. Since then, we’ve created an Instagram page filled with beautiful sushi pictures that our customers have created!

TPC #3: What is your background as a business owner? (Education, experience, reason for going into business, etc.)

KH: Sushi Tower LLC is a multi-family project that includes four families. Between them, there is nearly a century of experience running both large and small businesses and other projects. All are college-educated, including advanced degrees, and each member brings a unique skill set to the organization. 

TPC #4: How does the Sushi Tower work?

KH: The Sushi Tower contains 3 important pieces:

  1. The “Tower” holds the ingredients together as you add various ingredients and layers.
  2. The “Tamper” is used to press the ingredients down, so that the Tower holds its shape when completed.
  3. The “Underplate” allows you to build your Tower in a staging area and then easily transfer it to your serving plate upon completion. This helps you keep your plating clean and presentable.

The Kit includes a circular 3 piece (underplate, tower, tamper) 4″x 4″ Stainless Steel Party Tower set to assemble Towers that can be shared by the group, and a 3″ x 2″ Personal Tower set for individual servings.

All pieces are dishwasher safe, food-grade stainless steel. Sushi Stackers are also available to create Personal Towers in three different shapes: Square, Triangle, Heart.

TPC #5: Do you have to be an experienced gourmet chef to use this product?

KH: Nope! The whole idea behind the Sushi Tower is to help ANYONE become a Sushi Artist and create their own masterpieces in minutes. In fact, some of the most interesting photos that have been submitted so far are from children.

Remember the 3 easy steps: insert ingredient(s), tamp, repeat.

Sushi Chefs train for decades…but with the Sushi Tower Kit, even a 4-year-old can make a Tower in less than 3 minutes. 

Those who are confident in their own culinary skills can go off recipe, while those who are less confident can follow the recipes more precisely to create extraordinary Towers. For each recipe, we also provide “FlairUps” that suggest how to use more exotic ingredients or advanced techniques. (Don’t like seafood? No problem — try making a Teriyaki, Breakfast, or Dessert Tower using the same stacking methods.)

Our website also has additional recipes, photos, and “How-To” videos.

TPC #6: Why use the Sushi Tower when you can just order takeout or store-bought sushi instead?

KH: When you order takeout or store-bough sushi, the guy at the restaurant or store gets to have all the fun. It’s nice to let someone else fix your meal from time to time, but nothing compares to spending time with your family making your own Sushi Tower masterpieces and then eating them together.

How often do you snap a photo of a store-bought sushi roll? When you complete your homemade Sushi Tower, you’ll find that it’s impossible to resist the urge to snap a photo before devouring your creation. Trust us, you’ll want to snap a photo before you eat it.

[TPC note: Plus, with store-bought sushi, you risk eating preservatives, chemicals, and other crap added to extend shelf. With the Sushi Tower Kit, you have 100% control of which ingredients go into your sushi.]

TPC #7: How does the Sushi Tower bring out someone’s “inner sushi artist”?

KH: The recipes provide suggestions on how to make specific towers, but the recipes are very flexible and allow you to use your own creativity with ingredients, garnishments, layering, plating, and designs.

Once you complete your first Sushi Tower, your head begins to host a major brainstorming session on how to make the next one. It’s addictive! The options are endless. So far we’ve seen such exotic creations as a Mac N Cheese Tower, Green Jello Tower, and Thanksgiving Dinner Tower.

The 3-piece Tower set can be used for pasta, dessert, bean dip, ice cream, and anything else your inner artist can think of. You can be as complex or as simple as you’d like. There are no rules when it comes to creating masterpieces.

TPC #8: Why do you think people are enjoying the artistic component of this product so much?

KH: People are inherently creative beings, and we love to share our creativity with others. The Sushi Tower Kit combines many basic human needs, including spending time with those we love, being actively engaged in creative pursuits, and of course, eating sushi and being nourished by its ingredients.

TPC #9: How does the Sushi Tower bring families together?

KH: Throughout the history of mankind, the one thing that has brought families together more than anything else is sharing a meal. The Sushi Tower Kit makes it easy to create homemade sushi together, which can otherwise be quite intimidating. When you’re finished creating, you can enjoy the love and camaraderie of sharing a meal together — after the photo session.

TPC #10: What about people who are lazy or pressed for time — can they use the Sushi Tower, too?

KH: Yes, absolutely! We received a review from a young man who wanted to impress a date with a nice meal at home, but ran out of time to make it happen. He went to a local teriyaki chicken takeout place on his way home…then carefully assembled (in 3 minutes) the various ingredients into a beautiful Teriyaki Chicken Tower that they shared together.

Any takeout Chinese dish would make a nice Tower. There is no better way to spice up leftovers for the complainers at the table. Even lazy people enjoy using the Tower because it’s so easy to create an extraordinary dish with very little effort.

TPC #11: Why do kids love the Sushi Tower?

KH: Kids love to build things and kids love to eat sushi.

TPC #12: What inspired you to donate a portion of every Sushi Tower sale to the Blue Tower Foundation in the global effort to preserve our oceans?

KH: Everyone involved in Sushi Tower is an avid scuba diver and snorkeler, and we have a deep love for the oceans. We were looking for a way to make a difference, primarily by reducing the amount of plastic in the ocean. After discussing hundreds of options, we eventually came up with Sushi Tower as a way to raise money to put toward our real passion, the preservation of our oceans.

TPC #13: Can you share a low-sugar fruit-based Dessert Tower recipe that’s healthy and delicious?

KH: Yes. My favorite is the Fresh Parfait Dessert.

Using the Sushi Tower, layer the following ingredients in order (starting with granola at the bottom and garnishments at the top):

  • Garnishments and raw honey on top Fruit Medley
  • All natural, High Fat Yogurt (no cane sugar, Wallaby Plain) 
  • Granola
  • All natural, High Fat Yogurt (no cane sugar, Wallaby Plain) 
  • Garnishments and raw honey on top Fruit Medley

Garnishments include: Mint, Fresh Fruit, bitter/dark chocolate nibs

For “FlairUps,” the opportunities are endless. Try different fruits, nuts, yogurt flavors, etc. Basically, make the dessert the way you like to eat dessert.

After filling the mold with various ingredients, chill in the freezer to help the tower retain its shape.

[TPC Note: Be careful about ingredients. Don’t use anything with added sugar, preservatives, artificial flavors, or chemicals.]

TPC #14: Where can people order a Sushi Tower Kit?

KH: You can order directly on Amazon here.

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