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Heart Surgeon: “They Tried to Silence Me After Prescribing These Natural Cures”

Accountant John Schilling caught his hospital employer stealing millions of dollars from the U.S. government via their overmedicating and overcharging schemes.

Dr. Peter Gøtzsche, MD. — a Danish physician, professor, medical researcher, and leader of the Nordic Cochrane Center in Copenhagen, Denmark — has warned that, “The pharmaceutical industry has a huge interest in treating healthy people with meds.”

One nation under meds, maverick heart surgeon and Ironman Dr. Dwight Lundell corroborates this conspiracy…In this exclusive interview, he shows what happens when a doctor tries to go against this well planned scheme to over medicate patients.  Rather than prescribe the meds and follow the pernicious plans of Big Pharma and Wall Street, he aimed to switch his patients to natural cures and healthy lifestyle habits…then it got ugly.

Dr Lundell

I met Dr. Lundell through a mutual friend. I was skeptical at first. I had never met a medical doctor who could break away from the pharmaceutical mold. So we had lunch. And I quickly found out it was true — he’s determined to warn parents about meds, at any cost. (Even when it meant losing his license and being attacked by a corrupt industry that would go to great lengths to discredit a long and prosperous career.)

Dr Lundell - Ironman

My experience as a chemist involves extracting medicine from nature and studying its effect on the human body. Meanwhile, Dr. Lundell has the unique vantage point of looking directly into people’s chest cavities. What he saw over the years was jaw-dropping — the more doctor-prescribed “blockbuster” meds people took, the sicker they got. Their insides would eventually be overtaken by “red, fiery inflammation,” he told me. “Inflammation is the predecessor of virtually all disease.”

A practicing physician and highly respected heart surgeon, he began a crusade of truth. With science behind him, Dr. Lundell became an outcast in an industry that’s hell-bent on medicating everyone to death.

CONFESSIONS Of a Maverick Heart SurgeonIf you want to learn how to preserve your heart, avoid the injustices of medication, and protect yourself from the “red, fiery inflammation” that the good doc warns about, you’ll want to read my exclusive interview with him (below)…then get his “Confessions of a Maverick Heart Surgeon (and Iron Man),” FREE at

TPC #1: Where did you study to become a heart surgeon?

Dr. Lundell: I received my training in Cardiovascular and Thoracic surgery from Yale University and have performed over 5,000 open-heart surgeries. I’m also honored to say I was inducted into “The Beating Heart Hall of Fame.”

TPC #2: What prompted you to start weaning your patients off meds?

Dr. Lundell: My peers elected me as the chief of surgery, and then chief of staff at what was then the largest heart hospital in Arizona and the second-largest in the country. This allowed me to look at a much broader set of patients and have a bigger impact.  It also unveiled a mind blowing number of side effects and among patients and ultimately was the impetus for working toward change.

The patients who were on medications were showing alarming signs of inflammation and decreased quality of life – specifically in the way of low energy, forgetfulness all out dementia and weight gain leading to diabetes, and more.

That’s when I began to suggest that surgery, stents, and cholesterol medications were not the correct approach!

TPC #3: What natural cures did you suggest in place of prescription drugs?

Dr. Lundell: After much research into the vascular biology of atherosclerosis, I knew heart problems were not being caused by elevated cholesterol levels! Most of my surgical patients had normal cholesterol levels. Large studies demonstrated that more than 70% of people admitted to the hospital with a heart attack had normal cholesterol levels!

In response to my observations, the hospital didn’t reevaluate the cholesterol theory (like they should have!) Instead, they wanted to reduce cholesterol even lower!!!

The mantra became, “Lower is better.”

This pseudo-science was, of course, all spread and driven by the pharmaceutical industry courtesy of a group they formed called the NCEP (National Cholesterol Education Program).  Very few realized that it was nothing but a cloak for Big Pharma to “sell” a false disease.

With their “Lower is better” guideline, they artificially forced an additional 80 million people to become eligible for statin treatment…i.e., meds!

Instead of complying with this nonsense, I began suggesting that high cholesterol was protective! And it is. Numerous population studies show that as we age, cholesterol acts as a shield against low testosterone, early menopause, dementia, and actually protects against heart disease and what causes heart disease.

In addition to teaching patients that cholesterol was protecting them, I also began prescribing:

When it came to botanical medicine, I used Big Pharma’s own research against them!  Almost always, when a plant is discovered to be healthy, the industry produces a synthetic version  that was already in the plant.  But unfortunately, by tampering with it in the lab, the mimic showed no benefit and lots of risk!  Meanwhile, the natural sources of hawthorn, cinnamon and banaba leaf have proven invaluable for longevity and athletic performance among all of those in my practice.

While I am proud of many things in modern medicine, we have ignored thousands of years of accumulated wisdom from ancient medicine and botanicals. It is now all about money, if you are healthy with natural cures you are not a profit center for hospital, doctors or drug and device makers.  Death happens only once. Good health is a continuum, so I always suggest natural medicine first.

TPC #4: Did the hospital notice the improved health among your patients?

Dr. Lundell: Hospitals love to cloak themselves in the holy robes of “non-profit,” separating themselves from the “evil for-profit industry.” But in reality, they’re just the sales funnels for Pharma.

It was not until I became partners with the new heart hospital that I really understood what extreme revenue and profit-driven agendas they truly had…at the expense of patients’ health. Administration started giving me a very chilly reception to my suggestions.

They began a not-so-subtle cold shoulder….then they started to ruin my reputation as one of the nation’s most proficient heart surgeons. They tried to bury the fact that my complication and mortality rates were less than half the national average and 1/5 of the average of other surgeons! During the last two years of my practice, the mortality rate in my hands was 0.8%, compared to the national average of 2.5%!

They used a sham peer review process to attack my resume.

TPC #5: How did you lose your medical license?

Dr. Lundell: I began to publish more articles highlighting my patients’ ability to preserve heart health without meds. As you would say, I wanted them to “ditch their meds.”  One of those article was shared around the world. I was featured on the Rush Limbaugh radio show and Fox News three times, and I became very vocal about my “Confessions” (offered for FREE at These were all the secrets that no hospital ever wants patients to know!

The hospital took notice and got very “offended.”

The more I spoke out about the truth, the more uncomfortable they got.

Although I had completely retired from medical practice, the hospital dug up old cases from 10 years prior and began “hunting for a reason to attack me.”

…Now, I have been reviewing medical charts for over 30 years. If there’s a complication, I can find fault almost 100% of the time.  The practice of medicine can be extremely subjective.  Especially when you look back at cases a decade old!

The hospital began looking for any trifle they could dig up in order to make formal complaints to the Arizona Board of Medical Examiners. The Board casted two doctors who agreed with the script. One was NOT even a surgeon and the other was a retired cardiac surgeon who had never performed the type of surgery I pioneered and received honors for – a beating heart surgery!  It was perfect for the kangaroo court that always favors hospitals. With faulty, inexperienced testimony, they revoked my license.

To further disgrace my career, the hospital reached into their other pocket to use the media to slander me, by publicly announcing that my license had been revoked and that I was a quack.  Attempting to wipe away my career, they wrote, “The 12-member oversight board took away Dr. Dwight C. Lundell’s license last week after a five-year review of his prior disciplinary history and an inquiry into allegations of poor patient care and record-keeping.”

I had to remind them that I had been retired for almost a decade and that there were never complaints by the hospital while I was an active physician!  I guess they must have felt like their income was really being threatened by what I was saying.  And since I was retired and still am, I haven’t quit warning people to get off the statins before they ruin their health for good!

TPC #6: What are you doing now?

Dr. Lundell: I’m sure the hospitals thought they succeeded at disgracing me enough so that I would shut up. I guess they weren’t paying attention to my resilience or my determination to change the way we treat coronary artery disease and type II diabetes…

Yes, it was embarrassing and painful — a blemish on an otherwise unblemished 25-year career in mainstream medicine. But today, I consider their attack on me a badge of honor. After all, I got into medicine to make a positive change. That’s exactly what I’m still doing today!

I’m saving lives and eliminating the suffering that comes from heart disease and the ravages of type II diabetes…in spite of hospitals continuing their corrupt domination of our health care system. I’m also sharing my knowledge as an Ironman competitor to help people become more active and enjoy their life and reverse heart disease! It starts with reading my “Confessions of a Maverick Heart Surgeon and Ironman, which you can get for FREE at

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