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We Didn’t Buy Her a Car

That lab book entry was from 2015…

At the time, my daughter, Lily, was well on her way to making master batches of handmade, luxury soap, modeled from early Babylonian chemists.

She was a freshman in high school.

She faced the typical challenges… a new school, ruthless peers, sports, clubs, and a rigorous class schedule, that was mostly busy work designed to condition corporate slavery..

Too much to focus on.

I thought, for sure, she’d lose interest in soap.

There were plenty of unknowns…

What life would she live? Would she tackle the pressure of college?

Trade school?

Who would she become?

During those formative years, she stayed close to her soap lab.  Most weekends were spent soaping, cleaning up grease, refining her writing skills and polishing her online advertising.   

She started making a little bit of money…and losing money – riding the learning curve.

As her friends began driving, their parents bought them cars.

Lily no doubt started eyeing her favorite new rides.  But that was met with zero support from us…

My wife and I refused to make life easy for her. We didn’t buy her a car, a phone, or anything really.

Meanwhile, as a family, we were living our dream.

We wanted to give Lily a work ethic, not money.

Calluses formed between Lily and I.

We grew apart. 

We didn’t say goodbye in the mornings.  We didn’t talk at dinner. 

She took the business into her own hands and charged forward…then bought her own car!  Used and beaten, it felt like the world to her…a feeling that can’t be had with a new car bought by your parents.

I stuck by her side. I always snuck in time to give her my most valuable life lessons, such as:

How to use a lab book. 

The lab book represents our life.  It’s a record of our actions, successes, and failures, even if just a mental one.  Her entrepreneurial spirit shined and I encouraged her “to attack the world, write down what works, and repeat. You’ve got everything you need: matter, energy, space, and time. Go f@#kin crazy and never apologize for creating you.”

She looked inward instead of outward.

Meanwhile, her peers were doing shit that made no sense to her.

Applying to the military… taking college entrance exams…

Begging for predatory loans…

Going deep into credit card debt…

Lily kept honing her skills, always returning to her lab book.. She eventually won a state championship for her business plans..

She won a full-ride scholarship to an Ivy League school…then tossed it aside after they insisted she get vaccinated. “No thanks.”

Always marking up that book, she’s now made her own marks in life.

Today, while her peers are choking on society’s demands to shelter-in, wear masks, and distance themselves, she’s not falling for the BS. She’s been here before.

Conventional wisdom has lied to Lily and her peers for years.

Whether it was learning about the “founding fathers,” parallelograms, or that marijuana is a “gateway drug”… conventional wisdom makes people slaves from cradle to grave…with the sole purpose of hooking them on meds while burying them in debt.



It was all one big lie, like coronavirus.

When you buy into one lie, you’re buying into all of them.

Before you know it, you’re living a life you have no control over. You have masters.

And with that, Lily walked away from college and everything else “conventional wisdom” tried to choke her with.

She got back to her lab book.

Not even a year out of school, she moved out of the house and fell in love with Case (what up, Case!). Together they’ve built the Internet’s largest handmade soap company (

She’s proof that there’s better sh#t out there than what you’re being shown by the news!


It’s just like with meds. If you’re on meds because you think you “have to” be, then you’re a slave to your own backwards thinking.

If you think you have “no choice” but to follow doctor’s orders…same.

All this shows is that you’ve never bothered to think for yourself, or keep your own “lab notebook” full of notes.

Wake up.

Get the facts about your “medication slavery.”

Read  www.3WorstMedsbook.comand start marking your life with success and the experience of living young, not popping meds on the pharmaceutical merry-go round.

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