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Coronavirus a Money Maker Not a Threat

Private corporations are pros at siphoning tax dollars from the government – in the name of vaccines or vaccine research. Think “Mexican government pays construction company to build a bridge over a ditch.”  It’s a white-collar, criminal charade to steal billions in tax money.

This scheme started with polio scare of 1950, courtesy of The March of Dimes. As rates of polio plummeted due to better hygiene and sanitation, The March of Dimes conditioned the public to fear the paralyzing illness.  Then, they garnered millions in tax money to “vaccinate” the public at local schools and libraries.  It was the perfect heist and still is.

Most recently, it was the Zika virus hysteria in 2016. That culminated in “The Obama Administration pressing Congress for $1.9 billion to combat Zika.” In the end, there was no Zika threat, nor was there any research done. But there was a huge payout that has since gone unaccounted for.

Coronavirus is no different. Same hysteria, different disease.  It’s just much bigger thanks to a much larger world government leveraging the same business model.  The fact is, there is no new risk to coronavirus, or any derivative thereof…

Right now your body is fighting off hundreds, thousands, or maybe hundreds of thousands of viral and bacterial infections, all of which are unseen. To rant and rave or be fearful about a single, fictional “threat” hyped by the media for profit reflects your ignorance, confusion, fear…or all three.

Coronavirus is akin to the flu virus and the common cold. It was discovered in the 1930s. Today, almost every animal and human is carrying it, usually in the nose. And there are many varieties, but none are of any real threat.  The reported deaths are nothing more than fake news being pumped out by ad agencies worldwide, bought and paid for by Big Pharma. In reality, any death to the supposed virus is simply elderly people dying of flu, pneumonia or any other viral infection…or even not at all.  The media lies.

So remember, Using fear to promote vaccines is a common pharmaceutical business model — just like ZIKA, SARS, EBOLA, swine flu, bird flu, and the measles. That’s because vaccines are among the most profitable “medications” worldwide.

For every dollar invested into vaccines, the net return is $44. Four companies own 85% of this market (CDC and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are the biggest investors), and make $35 billion in profits, thanks to:

  1. Mandated vaccines, despite no proof of safety or efficacy
  2. No government oversight
  3. Laws that prevent parents from suing
  4. Mass hysteria spread by media
  5. Willful ignorance among parents

The current coronavirus scare will soon be met with a highly profitable vaccine. Or huge sums of tax dollars will be sent to private firms in the name of “research.” Ignore these facts and you’re more likely to fall victim to vaccine side effects. That’s the real danger, not coronavirus.

Turn off the news, return to your life, and go live young. If you’re concerned about immunity, then boost your immune system from REAL threats like the flu, common cold, strep throat, and more with 

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