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The College That Demanded Vaccines… LOL

My daughter Lily and I sought out a college suitable for an unruly entrepreneur. We wanted a school that could appreciate her independence, love for science, and penchant for sleeping in. That search took us to Whittier.

We attended a two-day tour of the campus. A few hours in, we learned that the small school was a mob made up of “e-boys” and “e-girls.” Straight out of a Rick and Morty cartoon, the student body were politicized robots who couldn’t speak outside of Instagram posts and news headlines. 

We looked for a portal to escape.

The director of the health department began talking about vaccines. The dutiful RN insisted, “We take vaccines very seriously here at Whittier and do not grant waivers.”

“What vaccines do you take seriously?” I asked. “In 1960 an average of three vaccines were given to children. Today, this number has shot up 800% to at least 24…sometimes more! We’ll be using an exemption, thank you.”

The other robots in our group perked up, ready to attack us with vaccine soundbites and to label us anti-vaxxers. E-boys and e-girls scrolled their phones for CDC and FDA headlines.

“It’s going to be very hard to get a vaccine exemption, sir.”

“Well, do you take immunity seriously? My daughter is naturally protected, as verified by an antibody blood test.”

“You’d have to get a medical waiver signed by a doctor, but there’s still no guarantee it will be accepted…”

What the f#ck? The state-funded, pharmaceutically compliant robot couldn’t understand me, even though I was speaking plain English. If my daughter is immune, why would she need “immunization” via a vaccine that comes with known side effects, according to vaccine makers?!

This isn’t an anti-vax stance, it’s a logical one. If you blindly accept that all vaccines are safe and effective, without considering safety and natural immunity, then there’s no stopping the number of vaccines Pharma will jab our kids with! Why not inject them with 50 or 100? Where does it stop?!

Our excitement for Whittier vanished. Sadly, this brainless loyalty to vaccines has become the norm. “One nation under meds,” most schools today are nothing more than forced medication centers bought and paid for by Big Pharma. Since there’s no portal to escape the medication madness, you must arm yourself with the FACTS. Protect yourself and your family: see

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