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25 Years of Exercise: 8 Tricks I’ve Learned About Nutrition, Recovery and Bouncing Back From Injury

As The People’s Chemist, I’ve been helping people ditch their meds so they can live a healthier more active lifestyle. Most of my customers are not athletes. But the principle for optimal health and sports performance is essentially the same whether you’re training for an elite athletic event or just tackling life’s daily challenges — you must ensure proper “cellular turnover.”

For 23 years, my wife and I have been dedicated to athletic pursuits.  In fact, we met at the gym when she was 18!  As we got older, our physical endeavors have continued.  She won The Arnold Amateur as a mom of 2 and recently competed and won at the state level as mom of 4 (Youtube vid here)! 

I’ve competed at the highest level of Brazilian jiu jitsu.  And together, we’ve tackled home births, mountain bike races, Olympic lifting, Crossfit, half marathons, adventure racing, and whatever else could give us the endorphin high of exceeding our athletic limits — all while raising 4 insanely active kids. (To some degree, they also follow all the tricks mentioned here…)

In our 40’s now, we feel more like science experiments than athletes. 

Most of our peers are clinically obese or skinny fat and choking down a handful of toxic pills under the guise of “health care.”  And sadly, that shit has become the norm.  Sure, we’re going to age, get old and die.  But not without riding the fucking wheels off of life – at the top of our game – free of medications!

From broken ankles and collar bones, to torn ligaments (ACL, MCL and meniscus) and twisted knees and even concussions and neck injuries, we’ve experienced it all.  And we’ve recovered from it all.

We never went to the doctor.

Every last injury was overcome and healed naturally.  (In fact, we refuse any and all health insurance and instead have our own “insurance savings” that has grown to massive proportions over the two decades since starting it!  It’s even paid for vacations around the world…meanwhile, most of our peers are being legally-robbed by politicians who work for the fraudulent health insurance cartel.)

Our ongoing cycle of injury and successful recovery has taught us more in twenty years than any book, physician or even chemist could teach.

after many years of research, I’ve learned that total health and happiness can only come from one thing: our bodies’ own ability to heal through cellular turnover.

Very few people are benefitting from cellular turnover.  Among teens and adults alike, there’s an epidemic of:

  1. Poor recovery
  2. Improper weight management
  3. Frequent injury

This unhealthy trio is the leading cause of ruined health and athletic careers. Obesity and nagging injuries become plagues, and most people never recover. In time, these issues lead to hormonal imbalances (low testosterone among athletes), depression, diabetes, and even cancer.

It’s not supposed to be like this.

The human body was designed to conquer its surroundings with total health, naturally. If you can’t exercise or enjoy the physical activity that makes you tick, you simply can’t live young.  And if you can’t learn how to recover from the onslaught of activity, aging becomes a curse rather than a blessing.

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Before I explain cellular turnover further, it’s imperative to understand this:

Being agile, quick, flexible, and strong can easily last well into your later years! But only if you learn to support your body’s natural healing ability to renew or regenerate itself. This is the essence of cellular turnover. Although you won’t hear your doctor or nutritionist talk about it, maximizing and ensuring cellular turnover is the definitive way to live young — while enjoying better libido, youthful energy, and optimal lean body mass

If you’re currently overweight, stop reading!  Nothing hinders cellular turnover more than excess fat.  Therefore, before harnessing cellular turnover to become a better athlete and healthier person, you need to achieve your best weight!  Start now by taking my FREE Diet IQ Test at

How Cellular Turnover Works

Exercise is simply the breakdown (injury) of muscle tissue. To repair, the body replaces old cells with new ones. It’s like a lizard that replenishes its tail via “molting.”

In a normal, healthy body, 30 trillion cells live in a complex, interdependent relationship, regulating the replenishment and replacement of cells. These cells work in unison to guide immune function, organ function, and hormone function. It’s an extremely orchestrated collaboration that causes our body to build anew every few years!

You can think of cellular turnover as the invisible force that guides the body’s ability to heal. Without it, we’re operating on injured, decayed, aging cells.

If cellular turnover is hindered, senescence — the deterioration of cell function — gradually increases and we age prematurely. This explains why some people have “nagging” injuries — their bodies are not fully healing through cellular turnover. Instead, senescence has gained momentum and like a rusty nail, the body begins to erode.

Cellular turnover is not newfangled science.

Forensic scientists use the phenomenon of “cell replacement” daily to measure the time of death at a crime scene. It’s simply a matter of looking at how long cells have ceased turnover to identify when a murder occurred. As a living and breathing human being, you want your cells actively being swapped out for newer, more energetic and supple ones on an ongoing basis. Otherwise, you’re like a corpse stuck in a moving body…the “living dead”! (You can see this in people who never fully healed and have permanent limps or hunched over postures.)

Once an old, brittle cell has been replaced with a newer one via cellular turnover, the mitochondria of that cell, along with the DNA and rDNA, become more robust and responsive to the environment. They adapt!  The aged, diseased cells are removed and counterbalanced by natural selection! Ultimately, this allows for better life experience and survival. It’s the biological version of, “that which doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.”

Due to the modern-day onslaught of:

  • Prescription medications
  • Artificial flavors
  • Steroids
  • Junk sports supplements (glutamine, vitamin D, folic acid, Gatorade, and so many more)
  • Sugar

…our innate repair mechanism of cellular turnover has been dismantled! Obesity, poor recovery, and constant nagging injury or the inability to heal are side effects that hold athletes back in their careers while dampening their enjoyment of their sport. That’s because all of the above “products” and ingredients are toxic, foreign invaders to the body. In toxicology, they’re known technically as “xenobiotics.”

The Ravaging Effects of Foreign Substances in Your Body

A xenobiotic is anything that is foreign to the body. I refer to them as “chemical shit storms.”  They’re the ultimate enemy to all athletes. 

Once ingested, foreign substances like sugar, artificial sweeteners and synthetic forms of vitamins like cholecalciferol (wrongly labeled as “vitamin D”), ascorbic acid (wrongly labeled as “vitamin C”), and prescription meds like Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) ignite a flurry of inflammation that leads to liver and kidney stress, poor hormone balance, output and sensitivity (BOS) as well as obesity and depression. (Of course, these same things are also causing everyone in the population to become inactive, lethargic, and prone to aging prematurely.)

Ultimately, cellular turnover is impaired and aging and injury set in every time a foreign substance is fed to your body.

Worst Medications Powerade, Gatorade, Almond Milk, Soy Milk, Vitamin D, EmergenC products, Sports Bars, Testosterone Gels, Blood Pressure Meds, Statins, Aspirin…..

Getting Started: How to Heal Naturally

First and foremost, ensuring proper turnover among athletes is mostly “subtractive” rather than “additive.” This means athletes — and YOU — must first learn how to remove all the fake foods, drinks, and supplements from your diet.

Stop eating and drinking the following:

Worst Meds and Sport Drinks - Powerade, Gatorade, Almond Milk, Soy Milk, Vitamin D, EmergenC products, Sports Bars, Testosterone Gels, Blood Pressure Meds, Statins, Aspirin…..

After eliminating xenobiotics, your body will finally be able to breathe and allow your cells to replicate to newer, more vibrant, healthier ones!

Next step is to introduce basic foods and botanical products to your diet that are proven to activate cellular turnover. Anybody can add these to their breakfast, lunch, or dinner to see a remarkable difference in recovery time, focus, and sleep in just a matter of weeks.

While there are more advanced things you can do, below is a great starting point for all athletes:

1. Get deep, restful sleep naturally with Serotonin FX.  This is the most important step toward recovery and increasing athleticism!

2. Use whey protein isolate (not whey concentrate, due to high amounts of milk sugars lactose or maltose or hydrolyzed whey, due to increased glycemic index) once every 1-3 days, with meals. (Do not use Whey Advanced if cutting calories or aiming to lose fat. Only for those who are currently at their best weight and building muscle.  Drinking calories is against the rules of cutting fat.)  Learn more at

3. Drink a “Veggie Blend Nutrition Bomb” once or twice daily, with meals.


  • Approx. 10-15 ounces of tomato/vegetable juice
  • 1 tablespoon powdered liver (I recommend Perfect Desiccated Liver Powder)
  • 1 tablespoon nutritional yeast (I recommend Lewis Labs Brewer’s yeast)
  • 1 scoop TPC Essential Greens (
  • Squeeze of lemon

4. Limit meals to three (3) per day, spaced 6 hours apart, no snacking.

Meals for athletes should consist of some variation of humane-raised beef, fish, chicken, eggs, peanut butter, avocado, rice, seeds, nuts, coconut oil, butter, vegetables, cottage cheese, hummus, homemade chicken broth/soup and fruit (if dieting, cut out the fruit!).

All of these foods are slow digested and ensure that you don’t have low blood sugar and corresponding “psychoglycemia” during the 6 hour “fasting windows.”  These periods will force your body to optimize its hormone balance, output, and sensitivity (BOS) so that you begin controlling your hunger and caloric intake, naturally – akin to your breathing rate and heartbeat.  Testosterone, glucagon and insulin sensitivity will naturally increase and you’ll see a corresponding increase in muscle mass, metabolism and energy.  It’s also great for skin complexion and longevity.

Note: During your fasting windows, drink lemon water, tea (with cinnamon) or coffee to help your hormones control appetite (I’d limit all caffeine after 1pm as to not interrupt sleep!)

5. Every 12-16 weeks, elite athletes should take 2-7 days off and supplement with the naturally occurring mineral salt known as lithium orotate (Swanson Brand). Excessive exercise depletes neurotransmitters and slows brain cell recovery due to the production of an enzyme known as GSK-3.  According to Scientific American Mind, lithium orotate (not the toxic medication lithium carbonate) reduces its production.  This yields a boost in brain cell production, thereby shortening recovery and filling the brain with much needed, naturally produced, feel-good chemicals.

6. Get sunshine at least 3 times per week for 20 minutes (no sunscreen). If you’re slathering on or spraying yourself with sunblock, you’re doing far more harm than good!  Sunscreen is loaded with well-established carcinogens, leading to prematurely aged skin or worst case scenario, cancer.  Instead, just cover up or use UV Naturals or red raspberry oil from Amazon.  During winter, supplement with extra-virgin cod liver oil (Rosita Real Foods).  Make damn sure your cod liver oil doesn’t have ADDED vitamin D.  

7. Sarsaparilla root (Raw-T) during season (competition or serious training) is mandatory (and legal) for proper hormone (testosterone) balance, output, and sensitivity. (  This is a proven, safe and effective way to help your body product its’ OWN testosterone while also increasing sensitivity!  Unlike Testosterone Replacement Therapy (steroids) it doesn’t ruin your endogenous testosterone levels or increase estrogen.  It’s simply what your body needs to maintain the benefits of its own, unique testosterone production. 

8. Drink only purified water and avoid tap water!  Athletes need to ditch the tap water as well as cancerous, aspartame-filled Pedialyte and sickening sweet Gatorade!  To ensure proper hydration, use vegetable glycerol (2-3 tablespoons with 20 ounces of spring water, once a week or monthly).  Also known as glycerin, you can find this hyper-hydrating syrup in any health food store or Amazon.  Known in chemistry as a hydrophilic (water-loving) compound, it penetrates muscle cells and draws water in with it.  Without it, a dehydrated body can’t recover, regardless of how much water you drink.  Once dehydrated, the kidney simply discards water too fast for absorption.  This explains why drinking endless amounts of water rarely helps a hangover or exercise induced dehydration.  The fix is glycerol!  Watch performance get boosted and recovery shortened with vegetable glycerol!

Several other foods and lifestyle habits can also help activate cellular turnover among certain individual cases. To learn more, read Over-The-Counter Natural Cures Expanded, available at:

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