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Get Shit Done (GSD)

We’re only 22 days into 2019 and many people are already losing motivation…

But here’s the truth:

Whatever your resolution is this year…you can do it!

“You” as in YOURSELF — you can make it happen.

Go Fund Me can’t help you.

The president can’t help you.

Your parents can’t help you.

Your doctor can’t help you.

Only you can help you.

That was our message to our 4 kiddos on New Year’s Eve.

Nobody can care about you or your success more than you do…

Every New Year I’m reminded about the person who taught me this idea — my high school wrestling coach, Manny Martinez.

He proved to me that you can fail a background check, a urine test, and even a “personality test” (LOL), and still “Get Shit Done” (GSD).

You can be inexperienced, talentless, and even fail to meet the expectations of the status quo…but that doesn’t mean you have to accept losing. You can still GSD.

Failing someone’s “test” or expectations doesn’t have to determine your fate for the rest of your life.

You just have to grow horns and charge through the obstacles like a bull on meth who sees every opportunity as a red muleta.

Despite all the chaos and trouble I created as a teen, coach Martinez would insist, “I’m not mad at you. Just keep showing up and we’ll work it out together.”

Even if I was academically ineligible to compete, he encouraged me to show up to practice anyway.

If it was a holiday with a million distractions, he told me to show up to practice anyway.

When there was trouble (which there always was), he never came at me with anger — just love, support, and the die-hard work ethic of “just keep showing up.”

In time, I grew my own horns. I learned to GSD!  Taking action has no prejudice.

I always showed up to train for that one single goal or resolution to get better, regardless of mounting losses.

“…Your biggest victories come right after your biggest losses,” coach always told me.

That was 29 years ago.

Since then, I’ve gone on to charge even bigger challenges.  And I was horrible at all of them…

I’ve competed as an NCAA wrestler, attended college on an athletic scholarship, went to graduate school on an academic scholarship, got married, and became a father. I’ve become a pilot, author, business owner, and began jiu-jitsu at 33 years old (ten years ago and still competing).

After my first year in college, it was unlikely I was going to return. I spent the summer working for Atlas Van Lines. Daytime temps averaged 115 degrees. I’d move over 2,000 pounds of furniture, day in and day out. I subsisted on a diet of Mountain Dew, eggs and potatoes.

Most people in my “inner circle” thought that was going to be the pinnacle of my collegiate career…that I was destined to be the consummate inciter, destined for odd jobs and life in low-income housing.

“Well, fuck what people think.”

I vowed to show back up to college. At the very least, I was going to find resolve in improving at least 1%. “It’s better than quitting,” I told myself.

In time, that decision parlayed into my ultimate goal — graduating with a master’s degree in organic chemistry.  Speaking to US News and World Report on the value of that education, I was quoted as saying, “The education was invaluable to me as a chemist, as it taught me how to handle the unique rigors of scientific research, namely pharmaceutical drug design.”

Showing up and aiming for a 1% improvement paid huge…it peeled back the corporate curtain of Big Pharma to show me their insidious business model of turning healthy people into patients – one nation under meds.  (It’s secured by the “do-gooders” who can’t GSD to protect the masses from the onslaught of Western Medicine.  They’d rather sit silent to protect their “careers,” car payments and mortgages.)

So this year, when you attack your resolution, let nothing stand in your way. Even if you improve 1%, remember that it’s better than the alternative…which is not even trying.

You can either be a loser, working toward nothing, or a loser working toward getting shit done (GSD).

Pick one.

Never quit.

When obstacles pop up (which they undoubtedly will), depend on no one. Just show up. Hold your vision tight, sharpen your edges, and move on like an immutable Persian soldier invading Greece, wielding your sword high, and swinging it with crushing accuracy.

Be warned.

The hardest part about overcoming obstacles is having to face your own inadequacies. You have to shake hands with your weakness. You have to make eye contact with the ignorant decisions you’ve made in the past, the bad habits you’ve allowed to take over your life…and the stupidity you’ve let yourself engage in…and vow to CHANGE!

Don’t look away.

Embrace that awful feeling of not wanting to show up…of not wanting to feel uncomfortable, inadequate, embarrassed, and not worthy because of past indiscretions…whether it’s carrying too much weight, having diabetes or heart disease, or simply being a complacent person…grow your horns and charge through each and every “mess” you’ve created!

If you can do that, you can improve 1%, forever…

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In 2019, you can rest assured that as The People’s Chemist, I’ll be “showing up,” just as I have for 17 years!

That means I’ll continue selling the world’s most effective and purest botanical medicine and helping thousands of people ditch the meds.

Dare to live young,

The People’s Chemist

P.S. You can hire people to help you, seek free handouts, or get all the “adult hand-holding” you want in life — but ultimately, YOU’RE the one who has to change your own life! YOU’RE the one who has to get off the couch and do the work!

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