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Chemist Isolates 6 SIMPLE HABITS for Natural Weight Loss That Nobody is Teaching!

The secret to real, PERMANENT weight loss is in this book…

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Traditional diets aren't working.

  • Get Your Best Body in 90 Days
  • Balance Your Hormones
  • Be the most athletic person at your gym
  • Never start another diet again
  • Slow the aging process
  • Target stubborn fat, pack on lean muscle

#1 Reason Fad Diets Fail

Warning: This book was not mass produced and is strictly for clients who order one of my bestselling supplement packages. For a limited time, I am offering it as a stand alone product for FREE!

Whether you’re eating like a “caveman,” choosing “organic” or “vegetarian,” it doesn’t matter. You’re overweight because your hormones are conspiring against you – thanks to all the crap thrown into food.

Former FDA Commissioner Dr. David Kessler says that thousands of unapproved chemical flavors are “hijacking our brain.” Once they glide over your taste buds, they force you into eating too f#@%ing much! Proper hormone function is suffocated.

Dieting only makes it worse

Time magazine highlighted this, writing that, “A new study by Australian researchers helps explain why [dieters can’t lose weight]: a symphony of hormonal changes sends the body relentless signals to slow metabolism and increase the urge to eat, for at least a year after weight loss.

Instead of focusing on hormones, the “experts” dribble out diet advice like:

  • “Just exercise more”
  • “Take Synthroid for your thyroid”
  • “Graze, eat 4-6 small meals per day”
  • “Stop eating carbs”
  • “Quit eating red meat”
  • “Make sure you get your post-workout protein shake”
  • “Eat like a caveman”
  • “Try bioidenticals”
  • “Get testosterone cream”

These diet fads are all about selling…

They scare you into buying cookbooks purported to melt belly fat. They bully you into buying meatless mush marketed as “low-cal.” And they torture you with new-fangled exercise routines.

And when all of this tomfoolery fails, they blame you!

Don’t listen to them…Your life depends on it!

8 Weight Loss Lies That Can Permanently Harm You



Track #1 – The 8 Weight Loss Lies Introduction
Track #2 – The HCG Diet Lie
Track #3 – The Low Fat Diet Lie
Track #4 – The Exercise Lie
Track #5 – The Pyramid Lie
Track #6 – The Calorie Lie
Track #7 – The Metabolism Lie
Track #8 – The Carb Lie
Track #9 – The Bioidentical Lie

It's not your fault. It’s your hormones!

It’s time you quit this no-win game and discover the real facts.

As a collegiate wrestler, I’ve been a student of metabolism for over 24 years. I’ve been studying hormone function for 17 of them and earned a masters degree in chemistry.

…With this experience, I wrote The Stop Eating So F#@%ing Much Diet and I didn’t hold back. I was ruthless. Especially when it came to the section on 8 Weight Loss Lies Than Can Permanently Harm You. I had to be.

No matter what diet people follow, weight always comes back. And that’s because nobody is focusing on the real problem: HORMONES.

The only way to put an end to the fat gain curse is to master your hormones.

Hormones are everything. They’re the chemical messengers that control appetite, metabolism, sleep, mood, libido, energy and even your genetics!

In The Stop Eating So F#@%ing Much Diet, I show how your delicate hormone balance has been ruined. Then, I teach you six simple habits that utilize rare, little-known “hormone cures” from nature. Each one is scientifically proven to help you get your best body and health in 90 days. At the same time you’ll also:

  • Slow the biological aging process (protect DNA)
  • Stop food cravings
  • Pack on lean muscle (thanks to more testosterone)
  • Free yourself from the risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes

Warning! Hormones like testosterone and estrogen from the pharmacy or your doctor won’t help you!

Nobody knows your hormones better than your body. Your hormones – estrogen, testosterone, insulin, hGH, ghrelin – are unique to you.

You need to understand this…

Just like we all have our own fingerprint, we all have our own unique hormone profile. Anything else is a harmful fake.

Therefore, the key to getting your best body and health is to optimize your one-of-a-kind hormonal ecosystem with The Stop Eating So F#@%ing Much Diet.

And that’s exactly what this book will teach you – six simple habits that put nature’s hormone cures to work for you. Once you start, you’re on your way to getting noticed and feeling awesome again – far better than you ever felt when you were younger!

I mean that.

This book is a “feel and look awesome” blueprint. (Your spouse’s friends will be checking you out!) It teaches:

  • How to choose the best supplements for balancing hormones (where to buy and how to use them)
  • How to choose the right foods
  • How to count calories properly
  • How to estimate your caloric needs
  • How to customize an eating program tailored to your needs
  • How to do an 18-minute exercise routine at home
  • How to choose the best water filters

Once you put the 6 habits together, benefits will happen fast. You don’t have to take my word for it. Simple at-home tests will prove it…You’ll see the following measurable results in a matter of 7 days:

  • More energy and focus
  • Increased strength
  • Toned muscle growth
  • Shortened recovery times
  • Average fat loss of 2 lbs per week
  • Food and sugar cravings will stop
  • Your mood will be stabilized
  • Your acne will clear up
  • Your face will begin to thin out

As you can see, The Stop Eating So F#@%ing Much Diet is not just about weight loss.

Weight loss by itself is NOT a measure of success

Anyone can muster short term willpower to lose weight through starvation and/or excessive exercise (Biggest Loser Syndrome). Taking part in calorically restrictive hCG, vegan or vegetarian diets can also produce weight loss. Heck, even one Twinkie per day would drop the pounds. But, the weight always comes back and ruins your health long-term.

The Stop Eating So F$#%ing Much Diet is about mastering your hormones so you can improve your body composition and health the natural way! That means you force it to eliminate fat while preserving or building lean sexy muscle in a way that promotes happiness and longevity – rather than denial and frustration.

Based on my own results and those of thousands of clients over the years, here’s just part of what you are going to accomplish long-term with The Stop Eating So F#@%ing Much Diet:

  • Lean, sexy muscle will begin to emerge as your body begins to melt fat and turn it into energy
  • Your blood pressure and resting heart rate will move toward optimal levels, while your heart and lungs will grow more powerful
  • The puffiness in your face will begin to disappear, your skin and eyes will glow and your complexion will improve
  • Your risk of diabetes, heart disease and cancer will be reduced substantially
  • Your immune system will become stronger and more resistant
  • You will feel less stress and anxiety and a greater sense of energy and well-being
  • Your sleep will improve and you will notice greater physical and mental energy
  • Your appetite will be more balanced and between-meal cravings will disappear
  • Prostate health will be at its best
  • You’ll notice greater sexual desire and potency
  • You’ll stop eating so fucking much… and much more!

No other diet in the world will yield so many benefits because not a single one is based on mastering your hormones. So, say goodbye to never-ending workouts and “just say no” to bland boring food.

And while you’re at it, gather up all your “diet” books and throw ‘em in the trash.

This diet book is the last one you’re ever going to need. Your quick results will prove it.

You have nothing to risk

If you hate the book and think it’s a f#@%ing waste of time, send it back for a refund. That’s how confident I am in it…Who the hell can’t follow six simple habits that promise to restore youthful vitality, energy and body composition? You’d have to be Charlie Sheen on a two week binge not to be able to follow this.

Order now and when you have questions about your personal strategy, email us at the support address we send you upon ordering…At no extra cost! Remember, you can’t be healthy and overweight at the same time.

About the Author


Shane Ellison is the author of Over-The-Counter Natural Cures, winner of the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award. He has a BS in biology from Fort Lewis College and an MS in organic chemistry from Northern Arizona University.

As an undergraduate, he was a two-time recipient of the prestigious Howard Hughes Medical Institute Research Grant for his studies in biochemistry and physiology under Dr. Sherrie Byrd and Dr. Les Sommerville.

His graduate thesis in medicinal chemistry, earned him Graduate Student of the Year from the Northern Arizona chemistry faculty. He has been quoted by USA Today, Shape, Woman’s World, as well as Women’s Health and has served as guest speaker for large corporations like BP and appeared on Fox and NBC as a natural medicine advocate.

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Chemist Isolates 6 SIMPLE HABITS for Natural Weight Loss That Nobody is Teaching!

The secret to real, PERMANENT weight loss is in this book…

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